3 Pokémon Who Could Kill You

3 Pokémon Who Could Kill You
3 Pokémon Who Could Kill You

After wondering which Pokémon could kill me, I went through the Pokédex and found 3 that would be exceptionally deadly to a human being, starting with #219; Magcargo. Magcargo’s body temperature is roughly 18,000 degrees fahrenheit. That makes Magcargo 1.77 times hotter than the surface of the Sun. Because of its incredible temperature, Magcargo would probably look like a glowing white orb. Similar to another glowing white orb, our Sun. We only perceive the Sun as yellow because of our atmosphere. What you see when looking at a rainbow is the rays broken up into the spectrum of their individual colors and when you mix those colors back together, you get white. But back to Magcargo, with that temperature of 18,000 degrees and a radiant energy of 1 GigaWatt, it would be enough to power around 300,000 homes.

The heat would be so intense that you couldn’t get within a couple hundred meters. Anything around 50 meters or closer would burst into flame. Now imagine you’re walking your 70% water filled body down the street and suddenly a wild Magcargo appears right in front of you. It’s possible that the drastic change in temperature would violently evaporate the fluid in your body, and all that newly formed steam trapped below your skin would blow it off. But that, your brain boiling, flesh burning and bones being charred happen so quickly that you and anybody watching wouldn’t be able to tell what happened first. So, Magcargo is pretty hot, but it’s not the hottest. But let’s cool off with Blastoise. The jets of water Blastoise spouts from the rocket cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel. That actually isn’t too far fetched.

Waterjet cutters are industrial tools that use an insanely high pressure stream of water, anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 PSI, to cut through steel, granite and danishes. The stream is also traveling four times the speed of sound at 1,361.16 m/s. So, now we have a creature with two waterjets strapped to its body. Taking the Blastoise’s height and scale, we can estimate its canons are roughly 5 inches in diameter each and could shoot streams at least at 89,000 PSI. To put that into perspective, the amount of pressure needed to punch a 5 inch hole through 4 inch thick steel is 30,542 psi or almost 3 times less than that of Blastoise. If we were to turn a water jet on a person, human skin can withstand 2,175.5 psi and human bone can withstand 17,549.5. Doctors at St. Vincent’s University Hospital operated a man who was struck by a jet of water at 3,700 PSI that left a 1cm entry wound and almost cut entirely through his pancreas.

And that was from a waterjet nozzle only a hundredth of an inch in diameter. We are dealing with a stream that would be 5 inches in diameter. A blast from one of Blastoise’s cannons would most likely blow completely through you or if it was aimed at your limbs, it would blow them off. If there was a steel wall behind you, it would blow through that too. Next up is the Victreebel pokémon.
#071 Victreebel pools in its mouth a fluid with a honey-like scent, which is really an acid that dissolves anything. This pokémon is extremely similar in appearance and function to tropical pitcher plants. Pitcher plants are, for the most part, carnivorous. They attract prey with a bright colored lip and a sweet smelling nectar.

Once the insect or animal slips inside, it is trapped since the interior walls of the plant are waxy and the viscous fluid that fills the plant makes it very difficult for things to ever leave. The plant slowly dissolves and absorbs the nutrients of its victim which ranges from insects, lizards, or birds. Dissolving human bodies is nothing new. People have been doing it for centuries using acid or lye. Like Adolph Luetgert, known as the Sausage King of Chicago, who dissolved his wife in a sausage vat filled with lye. That murder is thought to be where the urban legend of human remains being made into sausages originated. Lye is so good at breaking things down that it is commonly found in drain cleaners. So, it isn’t hard to imagine getting caught in a 5 foot 7 inch tall Victreebel’s mouth and becoming human soup. Those are only 3 out of the hundreds of Pokémon and I’m interested in hearing which ones you think are deadly so let me know in the comments below.

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