What’s Hiding Deep Within The Ocean?

What's Hiding Deep Within The Ocean?
What's Hiding Deep Within The Ocean?

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Yet, a massive amount of the oceans still remains a mystery to scientists. However, the parts that have been studied are incredibly fascinating. Scientists have found an illusion of an underwater waterfall, an underwater Grand Canyon, and even a lost Egyptian city, which totally sounds made up but I promise I’m not lying to you. Another thing that scientists have found, are a bunch of terrifying creatures living in the ocean that are probably better left unseen. They live far under the water’s surface, but that doesn’t stop them from haunting my dreams. So here are my top 4.

First up, we have everybody’s favorite: the giant squid. Everybody’s favorite, except for Herman Melville, who described the squid’s arms as “curling and twisting like a nest of anacondas” in his novel, Moby Dick. These are massive, terrifying creatures with eyes the size of dinner plates and lengths greater than a school bus. And when it is time for them to eat, they capture their prey with their two long feeding tentacles, bringing it toward their beak, which cuts the prey into pieces. Then, their tongue-like radula, which is covered in small teeth, cuts and shreds the prey even further before being swallowed by the giant squid.

Next up, is a friendlier giant called the giant isopod, which looks like a real-life version of Kabuto from Pokemon. These are crustaceans and are related to other animals like shrimps and crabs. They can get to be over 2 feet in length, which scientists think, is an adaptation to help them survive the high pressures of the deep ocean. They’re bottom dwellers, living up to 2100 meters deep, and usually eat the dead carcasses they find on the ocean floor.

Next, we have the zombie worms. What’s weird about these worms, is that they are able to feed off of the bones of dead fish and whales, all without having a mouth, stomach, or any way to drill inside the bones. Instead, they secrete an acid that dissolves the bone, allowing the zombie worms to access the protein and fat inside. From there, bacteria living inside the worm digest those macronutrients. And fun fact: another thing living inside these worms are the microscopic males, which means that all the zombie worms feeding on bones are the females of the species.

Lastly, we have the goblin shark, who is just as scary-looking as its name implies. This beast can get longer than three meters and find their prey by detecting the electric fields generated by other animals. They usually eat creatures like crabs and squids, and do so by having their jaw protrude from their face, capturing their prey. It’s very freaky to watch and will give me nightmares for the rest of my life. It’s in times like these that I’m thankful I live on land. So, what is your favorite deep sea creature? Did I miss any good ones? Let me know in the comments below.

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